Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Product use and input! Life is all good too!

Hi everyone!

Product wise from my personal use. ALCiS has been an amazing addition to my everyday use. Especially when I was battling plantar fasciitas. I used it every day regularly and before and after training. Now as I increase my mileage and intensity it remains an integral part of my maintenance, pain management and injury prevention.

I was excited to receive my GU products. I use the gel all of the time and love the boost of caffeine and low sugar. It definitely seems to do the trick no matter the distance or intensity of my training and the Chocolate flavor is my personal favorite. I like the Chomps on longer ride and brick workouts for a bit more substance and slower break down, though they seem to be a bit gooey. I’m just beginning to use the GU2O more, as I typically have just drank water in the past. But all of the products seem to be doing wonderfully with the true test in my opinion, limited to no GI issues. I’ll keep posted on this.

Zoot is great as always. The clothing I love and shoes especially the racing ones grow on me every time I use them. I will fill everyone in on the racing kit after this weekend, as I have my first race of the season Sunday, Yeah I can’t wait! I hope to receive and test out my wetsuit soon b/c I hear that they are amazingly fit and feel like a part of your body and super fast. Fuelbelt likewise saves me on long runs and races. As I had used them in the past during my ironman training and racing, the products are super comfortable, fuel is easily accessible and I have remained chaffage free, always a major plus.

I love the lean and lightweight feel of my Suunto. Though I’ll be honest, I doubted the comfort of a HR chest strap, as in the past I have always had comfort and constricting issues. The Suunto chest strap is truly comfortable and not constricting, it also picks up the HR well. I must confess however, I am technologically illiterate and hate reading instructions. As I vow to try my best and learn as much as I can to help use it to improve my training and discover my athletic potential with this technology I am fortunate to be sponsored with, if anyone has any major tips or can help me learn more in depth about all of the functions, pretty please send me an email!

I cannot wait to begin training and racing on my Zipp and Orbea. More great experience and news to come!

All else is amazingly well. I am fortunate to be blessed with a wonderful and supportive coach who was there during my healing and continues to push every aspect of me as a person and athlete each day. I have incredible friends who help me grow and give me unconditional love. I have the incredible opportunity to choose this journey that allows me to grow every day and live a life of passion while challenging my limits and the essence of who I am. Life is fantastic!

Cheers and be in touch!


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