Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Congrats everyone on great races this weekend!

I went back to Iowa for a sprint race this weekend, it was my first race back since I ended my 2008 season last November. It was great to have the support of my family and the opportunity to get out there.

All of the elites went off together on the swim which was great b/c I had the men to swim with. Due to racing some ITU stuff last year, and in my future I always try to work the transitions really hard, they can make or break a race. So coming out of the swim I sprinted the 200M on sidewalk to the transition area and was out on my bike in no time. I freaked out a bit when I discovered that the race volunteer whom I had asked to fill my water, b/c there was seriously none to found anywhere on site, had put it on the wrong bike. I tried to calm myself by recognizing it was only a sprint, however, it was seriously humid and coming from CO I knew that by the run I'd be feeling it hard core. They ended up radioing someone to have a bottle for me at 1/2 way. Phew, that saved me on the run. I had a strong bike despite the initial panic and again a great T2 and I was off to a fast cadence and solid run. The second woman was a couple of minutes back, so I used the men around me to pace off of and push me. I wanted to run my pace and focus on the little things I have been working on in training, but I always know the race is not over until you have crossed the finish line. All went well, I crossed in about 1:05 and was the first woman. I had my families smiles and hugs to come down the shoot. It was so wonderful to have my cousins Abby and Naf and their new baby Lucy, along with my mother and father, as well as Tony and his nephew! Having them there and being in my home state to welcome me back into the racing world after 8 months of rehab and patience. What an amazing opportunity and experience!

I am so thankful to Jenny and Craig the race directors for their commitment to the sport and support of me as a person and athlete. I'm also very thankful to all of my sponsors for their continued support. Thanks Zoot, GU, Zipp, Orbea, Fuel Belt, Suunto, ALCiS and First Endurance. Thanks to my coach Susan for helping me get back on my feet, literally, and Petr (Colorado Sports Training) for being there for me as a person and athlete. Last but not least, all of my amazing friends and family for their unconditional love and support!

I will have some photos to come!

Be well until next time!


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