Monday, March 28, 2011

Update from Tucson

Well, time has flown by at The Cycling House! The Cycling House has already hosted 8 camps and we have 2 more before we pack up in Tucson and head for Montana. Eighty degree temperatures have become the norm recently providing some awesome riding weather. A couple brief breaks between camps allowed the TCH staff to catch their breath and get in some training with some friends from Montana. Most recently we finished up with the Jeff Cuddeback, Triple Fitness Triathlon camp. We have some fun upcoming camps in Spain, France, and California!
My personal training has been going pretty well. I just finished up my biggest week leading into California 70.3. I'm excited to race and see exactly how my fitness is after a couple months of hard training pays off. My first race of the season was the Rock and Roll Marathon in Phoenix. I posted a 2:38 marathon and rocked the Zoot Ultra Kalini shoes, Zoot Ultra shorts, Zoot Ultra Shirt, and Zoot compression socks. I felt great and had a great race despite logging 250 miles on the bike, 20 miles of running, and 10k of swimming in the week leading into the race. My last race was the Desert Classic Duathlon in Phoenix, AZ. I was able to test myself against a strong field and ended up 9th place. The new course was tough, and better conditions this year made the race much more enjoyable.

I'm also excited to be racing with the Zoot Ultra triathlon team in 2011! Zoot provided some excellent support in 2010 and I'm happy to be able to continue growing that relationship. Adam Jensen and Jen Luebke will be joining me on the team roster to represent Montana.

Jen and I also had the opportunity to represent Zoot at We were the models for some online videos highlighting the features of some of the 2011 spring Zoot apparel line clothing. It was a really fun to see on of the largest distributors of Zoot apparel, footwear, and wetsuits. Zappos is a huge company that made it’s niche among other online giants with their dedication to customer service. The office itself was an amazing, huge, fun atmosphere! Office decorations and theme conference rooms made for a not so typical office setting. Employees seemed to enjoy their freedom in the non-traditional office setting yet still were very productive. Jen and I made a quick trip down to the strip before flying home. It was a short 12 hour trip to Las Vegas but was really fun!

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