Tuesday, March 23, 2010

MIT. First race for me of 2010. Never give up!

Hello Zooters~! Hope you are all well and excited for the 2010 season! Rock Out in CA next weekend if you are racing!

A quick little note about the race. Or not so quick First off I was a bit anxious prior. The swim even though a strength, always seems to take a bit out of me and be pretty painful, i was a sprinter and butterflier. Anyhow, amazing day for starters (a bit of wind and in the 60's, we totally lucked out it could have been brutal), perfect, amazing people check, great volunteers and race directors check. Amazing sponsors so that I have all of the gear that I need including my Orbea Ordu, Zipp 808 wheels, components and Zoot clothing. First Endurance for great fuel and pre race nutrition, along with GU for a bit of gel out there. The race, we started at 7:12 2 minutes after the men and 10min later than usual b/c the sun came out a bit more for us. As we were all off, I made a good decision to start on the outside and diagonal in, I also was fortunate to get on the feet of a fellow athlete that has very good sighting. As we headed straight for all of the buoys and caught up to the pack in front of us b/c they made a semi-circle and swam out. Coming out of the water I was with 2 other girls 4th-6th. With a quick transition I was out. I made a bit of a technical error in not passing the girl in front of me over the bridge the first time and waited, loosing sight of the woman who was just ahead and probably could have stayed closer to but lost her and then just settled into my own pace. Not a bad idea, but great to have someone as well to stay out of the drafting zone but close enough that they are in site. Next time I won't make such a mistake, I will not doubt myself, my training or my ability to stick at a bit tougher pace right from the get go. Anyhow, the bike after that as solid, and I felt strong and consistent. Along with very familiar and happy. As before I moved to Boulder I lived in Miami for about 1year. Amazing to be back! I had 1 GU Expresso Love on the bike and 2 scoops EFS drink mixed with 1 scoop of Pre Race and water. I discovered that I should have probably gone with only 1 scoop of EFS b/c for me having something more watered down is typically better. I don't know why, but I know that with the extra sodium, which is great, it was just to high of a concentration, next time I'll measure better and not just dump some in from my travel bag. Off onto the run. Changing into my Zoot flats and hat I was off. Sitting in 5th place I knew that I would just give it my best shot. As the run is my, we will call it, area to improve most upon ;) I knew it would hurt, and I accepted and even kind of was excited in some ways for that. I still feel slow, but I tried to push to the best of my capabilities. Drinking water at every aid station, in a short race i do not typically take anything in on the run. And I was not about to start now, or take the drink that they had on the course that I'm not accustomed to. Been there, done that, not going back! Luckily it was also shaded and as I mentioned not an uber hot day for Miami! On the second lap, my training partner passed me at about mile 4. That put me in 6th place. Mind you, the top 6 places are paid. I kept my pace and tried to stay relaxed and smooth and calm. As well, think back to all of my consistent and painful winter training, and know that I could hold on to this pace. So Although Marybeth blew by me, I kept my pace and at the second turn around (run course was 2 laps about 3 miles each, and a turn around at 1.5 miles), she yelled at me :come on Becky." From the last turn around I knew that 7th place was coming fast behind me and she wanted me to hold on as much as I did. But it really hurt, and she was faster than me, by a long shot. There was a point when I just wanted her to pass me so I wouldn't have to worry about her behind me as the finish was about 1mile away. Sometimes when in suffering mode our minds let go and we just want out, we want to resign control. At about 400M to the finish line, everyone comes out of the "forest" path onto the uneven beach and then pavement for about 200M to the finish. A friend of mine was the running course coordinator and standing there. As the girl blew by me and started to make a gap. Ah, I was really suffering, as I'm sure she was as she had just run and caught up to me from a minute or so back. I thought I was falling off the pace and out of contention for the $, I'd have to settle for right out of the $ again, and it had been a good day. Berk on the other hand was not so sure, he yelled at me "Come on this is for the $, stay there get her." Despite what I believed and felt I was capable of at that moment I turned it on a bit more. I dug deeper and found that there was more, I got right behind her, as we came off the beach, she was in the center of the path and so I moved a bit to the side and as we came around the last corner with about 20Meters to go, I found that little bit of extra, that little bit that is deep in the heart, in the passion of the moment. When we stand up and refuse to be defeated, not by anyone or anything else, but by ourselves, and I passed her and took 6th, by about 3 seconds. And was welcomed by the arms of Billy and Linda, 2 of my favorite and best friends. It was special. So all and all it was a great day. I put it out there, I was nervous, but also excited, and thankful, feeling nothing less than truly blessed having the opportunity to do what it is that I do. Challenge my body and spirit, enjoy the outdoors with like minded people who are all challenging themselves to dig just a little bit more. I have a long ways to go in becoming the triathlete, athlete and person I aspire to be, but I'm in the journey baby, I'm in the journey. Finally, I am accepting and appreciating all of the moments as they come with gratitude and joy! What a life! Thanks to all of my amazing friends and family, the race directors Wilber and Amauri (Who were my first sponsors 3 years ago at Swim Bike and Run Tri Store here in Miami) for an amazing event, to all of the volunteers and spectators. To my sponsors always, I owe so much. First Endurance (for keeping on track nutrition wise during training, racing and all in between), Zoot (for helping me get sorted on the Ultra Team and amazing gear, clothing, shoes and support) Orbea (for a bike that makes it all possible), Zipp (for helping me go fast on and off the race course), Suunto (allowing me to stay on track and focused in training and during my races), Fuel Belt (organization and gear), AlCiS (health and healing), GU (keeping me energized in training and on the race course), Somerset Farms (an amazing living location in boulder), Colorado Sports Training (strenght in body and spirit), Modern Real estate (assistance to maintain a membership at an amazing training location). As well as my amazing new coach and coaching staff and training partners, Boulder Coaching! You all make this journey not only possible, but so much brighter and more enjoyable! Yeah, that is all! Go out and make it a great one! In an essay about perseverance by Jessica Barker of Mountain Athlete, I read, appreciated and was touched by this, I hope you enjoy it. All the disappointment, the failure, the hard work, was superceded by the perseverance, and the ultimate goal behind it. To persevere is to consciously suffer. It is the backbone of a true athlete. It is a suffering with purpose in mind, with the completion of a goal as reward at the other end. Perseverance instills humility and generates respect and perspective in my pursuits. Through perseverance I have found meaning and true appreciation for my accomplishments as a professional athlete. More will come, and I will embrace it, for I know what lies on the other side of the storm. Hugs and Cheers Becky