Saturday, May 30, 2009

Rachel Challis Update

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I have been so lazy at keeping up to date blogging on the ZOOT Ultra Team site but I've found my way in now....

It's part way into the season now so i have a few results and memories to share.

Results: 12th Pro California 70.3, 9th Pro Wildflower, 2nd Elite Encinitas Sprint.


CA 70.3: Very very cold before we got into the ocean. Warm water once we got in the ocean (as it was SO cold outside). Cold getting onto the bike. Haley (ZOOT Team also) whizzing past me near the end of the ride. Part of the run being on the beach (this was an unwelcome change from last year). Seeing my 2 kids out there cheering for me on the run. Feeling better and better on the run to finish feeling strong

Wildflower: Trying to find the camp ground at 1am with 2 kids in the car and the gas tank near competely empty. Arriving to set up site noticing that my 2 year old had wet his car seat while asleep. Amazing atmosphere once everyone arrived - you have to experince this race just f or the camping atmosphere, but make sure you get an elite site as the rest of the place is mahem. Treatment like a queen - as a Pro we were SO well looked after. Thank you Dixie! Very green water (to swim in). Very steep hill to start the ride. Realization that Polar Heart Rate Hill was nicknamed that for a reason - it never ended! A run like I could never imagine - trails, hills +++. But again, a great atmosphere as the run looped through the camp ground. My 3 and 4 1/2 year old running up to me at the end of the race showing me the sign they had made - always a tear jerker for Mum! Really really sore quads as soon as I stopped. Being amazed how ice could improve my pain totally.

Encinitas: Fun, well organized local race. Good competition - Kate Major! Lots of happy clients (I had 12 Training Transition clients also racing) cheering for me and for me to cheer on after I finished. Trying SO hard to hold onto Kate for the swim and the ride, but I just couldn't keep up with her in the run.

What's next? San Diego International then Vineman 70.3.

Keep up the good work everyone and good luck.

Rachel Challis

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