Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cellcom Green Bay Half Marathon

Hey Team Zoot! Just wanted to chime in with some deets about my race this past weekend - the Cellcom Green Bay Half Marathon. Even though this race was not on my "A" list this year, I still look forward to it every year. The Race Director, Sean, always puts on the best races around here. Plus, the race finishes at Lambeau Field (which you also get to run through) and has all-you-can-eat-brats with beer at the finish. Gotta love that!

The day before the race we had some crazy wind around here. Thankfully, it died down and gave us a decently nice day - mid 40s at the start, sunny, some wind, but not too bad to start off with. Overall pretty nice. Taking this race in stride with training, everything went pretty well. I've had better races but still a decent showing for today. I took a time of 1:18:39 - placing 3rd out of 158 in my age group and 27th out of 3744 overall.

You can have all the details in the race report that is on my blog. I also have a few pics of the day which will be up here as well.

Up next, Kansas 70.3 in June. I'm really looking forward to tri season around here! Any one else racing Kansas?

Take care...train hard!

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