Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Training


12/27 – 1/2

So long Christmas, bring it on 2011!!!

Monday - AM – CFE Bike Hill Repeats. 6x White Hill, Fairfax
PM – Jogger Stroller run with Rams, Clara, Scott, and Seth. About 8 miles in the hills by the GG Bridge.

Tuesday – AM – TJ’s Crossfit – WOD 10-15mins – Seated Box Jumps
4 Rounds
15 Unbroken KBS (53)
15 Box Jumps w/ Step Down (24)
400m Run
15 Burpees
15 Unbroken Wall Balls (20)
Time: 19:22

Wednesday – AM – OFF
PM - Replaced “Work out Wednesday” because of high wind and expected low turnout...Went with a “WOD Sandwich” – 5mile tempo run – TJ”s CF WOD (a1 hollow rocks a2 strict pullups with slow count and weight9rounds+26reps of Jumping pullups and 20lbs med ball cleans for 10 mins) – 5mile tempo run

Thursday – AM – BRICK – (Bike)Hour on the trainer with CFE intervals – 1:15, 2:30, 5min x 3 holding the same effort throughout and taking equal rest. (Run) Hopped on the treadmill for some quick intervals – 4x400 at 75sec with equal rest. This workout felt very good and I held back a bit as it is the first time I’ve run off the bike in a while. I’m looking forward to doing this workout once a week with a bit more run volume on the end.
PM – Evening swim with Scott and Curt at the Olympic Club…a short one

(Brick Session in the home office. Rockin' the Zoot Speeds)

Friday – AM – 3000 yd swim set with Scott at the Olympic Club. Finally starting to feel like a swimmer again.
PM – Jogger stroller 6 mile run along the Bay with Rams, Clara, Scott and Curt.

Saturday –HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! AM –RACE – “Splash and Dash” 5 Mile in Berkeley, CA
I couldn’t believe that Clara actually was able to get me up and out the door. She was quite chipper and motivated, for a pregnant woman on a very small amount of sleep. Clara drove, I slept…and slept…and then finally 5 mins before the race, I pinned my number on and toed the line. This was a very low key race on a very dreary New Years morning. I was certainly feeling less than motivated to do anything besides get back into bed (I left everything I had back on the St.Francis Yacht Club dance floor).
The gun went off! A half mile into the race I noticed that Clara and a bunch of other runners were ahead of me. I figured that the race would hurt any way I approached it, so I went for it. Around the 2.5 mile mark I was finally in the lead and did not look back. I ended up winning by over a minute in a little under 28mins. That is slower than marathon pace but certainly was way more than that in effort. Clara, at 6 months pregnant with our baby girl, won the overall women’s title.

Sunday – OFF….As my alarm was blaring, I thought about how this was the last day for a while that I can hang out with Ramsey for an entire day. A couple of cartoons, building block projects, couple of meals with a couple cups of coffee later we decided that my 2-3hr long run was out, as was my morning CF WOD. We’ll pick up on that during this upcoming training week.

Review/Looking Ahead – This was the best Christmas break I have had since I was a child. I really enjoyed being with my family as much as I could while I had time off from work. I completely recognize that it is WAY more difficult to train when you are off from work. The option to be with my family over getting on the bike, onto the trails, or in the pool is a very easy one to pick. Despite that, I am beginning to feel some good strength from Crossfit, which is translating very well onto the bike and in the pool. The run is good too… ☺
I have mapped out a rough training blueprint for the month of January. Lots of WODs, runs, swims and bikes (including an addendum to my NY resolution – bike commute to work 4 days per exceptions) coming up this New year….but most importantly, a ton of fun and quality time with my family and friends.


("Bruncle"Evan 11, "Big Daddy" Jeff 26, Studly Ramsey 21 months, 'Big Mama" Clara 26, "Peanut"Riley -3 months...Petersons ready to tackle 2011!)

Happy New Year !


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