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Check everything out at the above link. I was fortunate enough to start training in the OTEC. They are exactly what I am looking for in a trainer. Coming from a running background, I want a fast and responsive shoe that is light and neutral. This one really does it for me and I plan to use it for my long miles on the roads and trails. Check 'em out!

(<--Ramsey trying to shove some non-paleo food down by throat after Clara held 6:10s for a 6k xc almost 7months preggers)

Training Week

Monday - AM
Crossfit WOD @ TJ’S CF 5 Sets for Reps AMRAP Push Press (95/65) 30sec AMRAP Box Jump (24/20) 30sec Rest 60sec Recovery for 10min 5 Sets for Reps AMRAP Overhead Squat (95/65) 30sec AMRAP Push Up 30sec Rest 60sec -
Swim CFE Program W/ 1000yd warmup with drills Main Set – 4x100 holding fastest time w/in 3secs & 3x200 fastest time w/in 5secs

Tuesday – AM
Crossfit WOD at TJ’s CF 6 Sets for Loads & Total Time (go heavy on thrusters and be Fast) A1. DB Thruster x 12 reps Unbroken (challenge yourself with heavy weight); rest 20sec A2. 200m Sprint; rest 20sec A3. 12 Burpees (as fast as possible); rest 3mins -
Bike 2x Tabata Rounds on the trainer

Wednesday – AM –
PM - “Work out Wednesday”
- 6x800 main set with Mark Mac. 200recov jog...Comfortably averaged 2:25

Thursday – AM
Crossfit WOD at TJ’s Crossfit A1. Hollow Rocks 45-60sec x 5 sets; rest 90sec A2. Weighted Strict Pull Up (supinated) 21X0; 5 reps x 5 sets; rest 90sec “Hanging Fran” 21-15-9 Hang Cluster (95/65) Pull Up OMG…Had my first “coming to Jesus” crossfit moment. DNFed the workout and my heart rate did not go down for a long time. Thought I was going to visit my good friends in the ER at Marin General, again. -

Friday – AM
Crossfit WOD at TJ’s CF A1. Clean Pulls @ 3030; 3 reps x 5 sets A2. KBS @ 10X3; 10 reps x 5 sets B. Tabata Mash Up Air Squat Deadlift (135/95) *8min Total – 20sec on/10sec off – alternate back and forth between two exercises. 272 total reps -
Swam at the Olympic Club with Scott

Saturday –AM Crossfit WOD at TJ’ CF “Kelly” Five rounds for time of: Run 400 meters 30 Box jump, 24/20 inch box 30 Wall ball shots, 20/14 pound ball Time – 19:45 (On the left next to BMack)



Came away learning way more than I thought I would. Such cool people were involved – Brian Mackenzie, Kelly Starett, Bredon Mahoney. Education, informative, innovative, and fun…I plan to invest myself in CF/CFE with even more gusto than before.

Sunday – AM
CFE Program
Warm up, drills into 8x 30secs ON and 20secs off


2 Swims
2 Bikes
3-4 Runs

Staying very steady and close to an 80/20 model of Paleo.
Supplementing with First Endurance ( Multi-V, First Endurance Optygen, and good Fish Oils.
I’ve noticed that I have had more energy and that when others seem to be getting the flu, I remain healthy. (knock wood)

I’m getting increasingly excited, by the day, about the way training is going. Crossfit has been extremely beneficial in what I am trying to get my body to do for me. I’m feeling strong across the board – swim, bike, run, throwing Ramsey over my head, carrying groceries in, etc…
This week, I was fortunate enough to attend a Crossfit Endurance Seminar in San Francisco. I honestly did not think that I would learn as much as I did. I also did not expect to make any changes to my run form, but I will. It was also nice to meet, in person, the figures behind this movement. Kelly Starett ( was such a nice guy and an extremely cool host. TJ Murphy (Triathlete Mag Editor) was soaking everything in with a smile, the same way I was. It was common for us to smile, think to ourselves that we have it right, and share that the skeptics can say and post all they want. Then there was Brian Mackenzie( He is such an approachable guy that truly cares about his product helping others. He doesn’t hesitate to share his knowledge in the most non-bullshit type of way. This seminar was a game changer for me. I am going to use this program to compete well in professional triathlon this year. I’m sure of it.

(Reusable Bag WOD)

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