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Race reports for June by Becky Witinok-Huber

Hello all!
So my nutrition and race reports for 3 races in June are below but b/c it has been ages I'll give a brief update as well. June has flown by as I feel like I've been traveling non-stop. At the end of May I headed home to Iowa for a local sprint race. It was supposed to be a tune up for Buff Springs 3 weeks later. However, I was invited to race the Hy-Vee World Cup last minute. As I was already in Iowa, and staying about 10min from the race site with my family I decided that paying down to 50th place was worth staying and risking not a top performance at the 70.3. It was amazing to relax and spend time with the fam. The race was an amazing experience and although I was not exactly prepared for the quick pace of ITU which unlike any other racing, I loved it and loved the opportunity. Who knows what the future will bring in that department.
Lastly by fist 70.3 of the season. I was not where I should have been training wise due to the decisions I had made about Hy-Vee, as well, I had been sick for the last week and almost pulled out. Upon deciding to race I knew I'd just go out and give it my all without judgement and see how it turned out.
I was happy with my swim and although the bike course was very taxing, being hilly, windy and hot (I may not have taken in enough water because it kept splashing from my aero bottle) the bike went pretty according to plan as well. Coming off I knew it would be a challenge not have done a single long run the entire month with racing and recovery etc... It was mentally super difficult, I was having to surrender to my body which was moving at a shuffle. There were definitely points when I thought pulling out was actually an option. 2 girls passed me by mile 5 and when a 3rd came by putting me out of $ contention, although at that moment I could not respond, it was pretty devastating. I did however, keep after my pace. The plan was to be conservative the first 1/2 and then hope to have a bit to close with. With 4 miles to go there was a steep hill, I decided at that moment that if I could just let my body fall down the hill and move my legs as fast as they could go I could close the 20M gap. As I did, I didn't look back over the next 2 miles and tried to keep focused on "Out of site out of mind." The last 2 miles were pretty excruciating and the tap could not have come soon enough. I have never had to have an IV before but I gladly let the amazing volunteers drag me right into the tent. On this day I learned again how much of triathlon is mental and a heart game above and beyond the physical challenges.

NUTRITION for races in JUNE:
As always, especially in places like Iowa and Texas where I raced and it is super hot and sometimes very humid, I'm always trying to drink a lot of water and electrolytes in days leading to my race. As well as get in extra sodium and cut back on anything that is fibrous especially veggies.

Copper Creek Sprint
1 Espresso Love GU 15 minutes before race. Water bottle on the course with 1.5 scoops EFS 1 scoop Carbo-Pro. I figured on this short of a race (just over an hour), I didn't really need to take in many calories, as long as I didn't have any GI issues I'd be set to go.
All was good, I ended up drinking about 1/2 of my bottle, and taking in water at all of the running aid stations. I won and had a blast being home.

Hy-Vee World Cup (ITU Olympic distance)
In an Olympic especially an ITU race where the intensity and effort is quite a bit different from non-drafting races I wanted to make sure I was spot on. I was a bit nervous as I have not done an ITU in 2 years, and never done a World Cup. As well the race start is 12:30PM so we need to take this into consideration.

I tried even with the nerves to go to bed a bit later so that I would be able to sleep in. Mind you, I had been taking in good fluids and sodium and remaining very hydrated all week. I woke up around 8am and had my cup of gluten free oatmeal with honey, salt and 2 egg whites plus 1/2 a banana. I try to eat about 3 hours before the race so I have time to digest everything. Cup of coffee as well, always try to get that in, it helps me be regular and get everything out before the race.

In the time leading up to race start I had water 1-1/2 bottles and about 1/2 bottle of electrolyte drink. I had one water bottle for the race. I also as per usual had a caffeinated GU (Espresso Love) 30min out and 3 gulps of my race drink. It contained 2 scoops EFS, 2 scoops Carbo-Pro and 1 scoop PreRace. I wanted to get in all of my calories on the bike and then be down to water for the run. I also took 1 GU during the race but had 2 on my bike just in case. It was a bit hot and I have trouble digesting drinks (other than coke and water) or gels on the run, especially in shorter distances.

All went pretty much according to plan other than an issue that I've been dealing with and it is starting to frustrate me a bit. I got a stitch or cramp up under my right rib and then it went up into the shoulder. At one point around mile 4 I had to slow down for a bit and dig my fingers into it to try and release it. I started belly breathing a bit and it subsided. I've since been having the issue day to day and in some running sessions. It is really only bad during running. It occurred again this last weekend during the Buff Springs 1/2.

Buffalo Springs Lake 70.3
6:30 race start. Breakfast 3:30. Cup of gluten free oatmeal, honey, scoop of almond butter. 1/2 cliff bar, 1/2 banana. Lots of water and some electrolyte, cup of coffee. I was extremely hydrated coming into this race. Thank goodness.

GU 30min prior, water and EFS mixed drink.
During race I took in a GU every 45 minutes (Chocolate, Espresso Love and the new Tri Berry), an entire water bottle with 2 scoops of EFS 2.5 scoops of CarboPro and 1 scoop PreRace. Along with an aero bottle with water that I filled twice. On the run I had water at every aid station and coke at 3 aid stations. The run was really hot and brutal. Even with my nutrition plan I ended up not having a great run, and I got very dehydrated, for the first time ever I took an IV after the race. So I'll work on this prior to my next 1/2.

Thanks as always to my amazing sponsors who make this all possible! Zoot, Orbea, Zipp, Suunto, GU, Fuel Belt, ALCiS, First Endurance, Colorado Sports training and Somerset Farms!
Along with my other supporters and friends and coaches with Boulder Sports Training!

Cheers and all the best training and racing!
Until next time!

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