Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's June and My Season Finally Kicks Off...

With a 10K!! June 12th, the Bellin 10k. With over 18,000 starters, I was worried about getting a good start without having an elite number. I have run this race many times before and it has always been HOT. Today, a little humid, but overcast skies. The race started with a waves so everything went pretty smoothly. the first two miles are a steady incline and with 12:20 on my watch, I'm taking it out slower than previous years. I hit the 5k mark in 18:40. yikes. Unfornuately, I thought that this was too fast a pace and follow-up with a 6:20 mile. ugh.

I get my thoughts on speeding up if I want to acheive my goals. I become very aware of how young the woman (girls, actually) are around me. I try to stay with them, but that are really picking up speed in the closing mile. I can see the clock and I try to push to go under 38, but it isn't going to happen 38:02. Goal met, however. previous age group record 38:55. I guess I have a goal for 2011. Probably not a great idea to torture my legs too much anyway with a half ironman a week later.

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