Sunday, September 27, 2009

Updates. Sorry I've been away so long! All the best as everyone ends up their 2009 season!

Hello hello! Hope everyone is well and depending on where you live enjoying the weather. Mother nature brought in a cold front with the first official day of fall here in CO and most of us outdoor junkies frowned at the inclination of summer coming to a close. I personally was put to the test when I debated a mountain ride in snow and below zero temps, and gave into a bit warmer flat ride in town when the settled. Time has flown since my last race here in town, the 5430 1/2. It was an amazing experience to race with many of my peers and women I often meet out on the roads or in the pool at FAC. I was thankful for their support and that of all the volunteers, friends and sponsors who cheer from near and far. I had a very successful swim, wearing my Zoot Speed Suit which has a great fit and always feels fast in the water and transition. Thanks so much Zoot for keeping me in snazzy and functional attire from head to toe every day in training and on race day! My bike was the best yet for the season. I cannot help but feel fast, and continue to improve my ridding on my awesome light, comfortable and aero Orbea Ordu and Zipp racing wheels! As the season has progressed, I have become more and more comfortable, and the guys here in Boulder at Retule are so right when they said that your TT bike should be your most comfortable bike and position. Thanks so much to Orbea and Zipp who have been wonderful support and additions to my team. My nutrition felt great. 30minutes b4 the swim I took a chocolate GU with water. On the bike I sip water from my aero bottle and take a mixture of GU gels (in my Fuel Belt bike box) and my mixed drink re-evaluating every 15minutes how I'm feeling and what I need. Typically I feel that the combination of sugar, electrolytes, sodium and caffeine take very well to my body and hit the spot without any GI trouble. When I got off the bike in transition I felt strong and took off on the run. The course is very open and on a hot day, although not that hot for 5430 1/2 history I heard, it was still hot. In a 2 lap course I had a successful first lap. My body died on the second lap and with 3 miles to go it felt like little more than a shuffle. It was frustrating and disheartening to have 4 women pass me in the last 2 miles, but on this day I had left it all out on the course and did my best to make it to the finish with all I had left. I ran through the finish to a cheering home crowd and was among many greats in the sport. It was my best performance of the season so far, and though many minutes from my PR, I was happy with the effort and the continuous improvement. Thanks so much to all of my friends, support and sponsors. Especially to Zoot Ultra Team and Team Sports including Zoot, Orbea USA, GU Energy, FuelBelt, Suunto, Zipp, and ALCiS for helping to keep me healthy and able to race in the best gear and on the best equiptment, I would not be able to be the athlete I am and continue to grown into without each of you and your amazing products. A big thanks as well to my coach Susan with C2Ecoaching for keeping me on track.

Onto more interesting news. I found out 2 days ago that I was in the top 3 with my 2 less than stunning 70.3 performances at Buffalo Springs and Vineman and could have the honor of represent the USA as part of the ITU (International Triathlon Union) Long Distance Worlds Team in Perth, Australia October 25. I'm in the process of deciding if I can financially swing it with the bit of assistance I will receive and be able to take the honor. Although I do not feel in the best shape of my life, as I've been working a lot lately and trying to fit in the best and most quality training I can. I know that I deserve the spot and hope I can make it work. I suppose we must always live in the moments and embrace what life presents us with without fear or judgement. Cheers and all the best to everyone as the wind down an amazing 2009 season! Hope to be winding mine down in Perth;)! Hugs Becky

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